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Dr Richard Smith

Dr Richard Smith

Ophthalmic Surgeon

I completed my eye specialist training at St Thomas’ Hospital, London and The Royal Victorian Eye Hospital, Melbourne. My subspecialty is Cataract and Refractive Surgery, a field in which I now have profound experience.

My wife, Dr Margaret Kearns, and I founded FOCUS Eye Centre, Kingsford and Double Bay in 1985.

Our laser eye centres have constantly upgraded equipment and adopted new techniques and intra-ocular lens (IOLs) designs, once I am convinced that these things offer improved outcomes.

Cataract surgery has constantly improved and results are better than ever with a wide safety margin. The cataract operation is done as day surgery with a stay at our centre of about 2 hours.

Refractive surgery to reduce or eliminate need for glasses includes corneal laser treatment. There are three laser procedures, SMILE, LASIK and PRK.

My experience with laser vision correction began about 20 years ago with one of the first excimer lasers used in Australia. This was an American SUMMIT laser which achieved good results but the range of treatment was quite limited. Next came a NIDEK EC5000 from Japan, then a German Technolas 217, then German Schwind Esiris and Swiss Ziemer LDV.

Our current technology is the German Schwind Amaris excimer laser and the Zeiss Visumax femtosecond laser. These are used separately or jointly to do SMILE, LASIK or PRK.

The choice of laser procedure is determined by your eye examination. SMILE, LASIK and PRK are well proven and provide excellent results with very low risk and comfortable procedures.

The most advanced technology

Dr Richard Smith endorses the latest generation Carl Zeiss VisuMax laser, able to perform the breakthrough ReLEX SMILE “keyhole” procedure.

The VisuMax laser is used for Femto-LASIK surgery and has impressed patients and physicians alike with its sophisticated technology, precision and reliability. Because of this, Dr Richard Smith uses this precision laser at his Laser Eye Surgery Centre in Kingsford Sydney.

Dr Richard Smith has performed many thousands of surgical procedures including cataract, LASIK, PRK, corneal grafts, glaucoma and oculoplastic surgery. He was involved in the early use of computers in hospitals in Australia and the development of Day Surgery in ophthalmology. He continues to explore cutting edge technology in clinical and management applications.

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